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NO GMO at Postlewait Farms

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NO GMO at Postlewait Farms

The use of genetic engineering, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is prohibited in all products produced at Postlewait Farms.  Our  operations implement preventive practices based on site-specific risk factors, such as neighboring conventional farms or shared farm equipment or processing facilities.  Some fields may be planted early, or late,  to avoid organic and GMO  crops flowering at the same time (which can cause cross pollination).  We also designate the edges of our land as a buffer zone where the land is managed organically, but the crops are not necessarily sold as organic.  Any shared farm or processing equipment is thoroughly cleaned to prevent unintended exposure to GMOs or any prohibited substances.

All of these measures are documented in our organic system plan.  This written plan describes the substances and practices to be used, including physical barriers to prevent contact with prohibited substances such as GMOs.  On-site inspections and records verify that Postlewait Farms dba Nature Fresh Farms are following our system plan. Additionally, certifying agents conduct residue testing to determine if these preventive practices are adequate to avoid contact with substances such as prohibited pesticides, antibiotics, and GMOs.


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